Subject: RE: Letter 'A' LN Cue Introduction Words
Author: David
Date:   7/8/2013 3:42 pm 
PS... after posting the previous word list (plain text) and manually adjusting it's column spacing (not cues or RTF) - all spacing was lost when opening the posted topic. The system is not be able to handle the transmission of formatted text. Not a problem if we use this system only for communication about issues. Question: can the system mediate attachments?

David wrote:
take came day rain

say game cake may

ate gray away rain

name make play stay

baby face rake hay

lake save bake race
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David 7/8/2013 3:37 pm 
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David 7/8/2013 3:42 pm 
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Kevin 7/8/2013 4:03 pm 
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