Subject: RE: Desires
Author: Dante Cernobori
Date:   1/6/2006 8:06 pm AHST
Desire is an interesting facet of life in the sense that it is a platform on
which we all stand upon. The desire to even be here in the first place.
It is our desires that bring us great hope and it is desire that can bring
us to great suffering.

I believe that all desire separate from the judgment of good and bad comes
from the one core desire to bring awareness to ones truth. To expand with
that awareness and live it in each moment.

Each of us have our own personal desires as well as some desires on a
collective whole. Such as world peace and the end of all suffering.
Regardless of personal or collective desire we all go about fulfilling
those desires in our own way.

I believe the way we go about fulfilling our desires primarily has to
do with our conditioning. I also believe that all desires, regardless of
the judgment of good or bad come from the soul.

My question is this. What would happen if we stopped judging our desires
and started accepting that for whatever reason our soul is asking for awareness in relation to this particular desire ?

Would we go about creating the experience of our desire differently if
we trusted that all desires came from the soul ?
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