Subject: RE: Desires
Author: Dante Cernobori
Date:   1/8/2006 6:08 pm AHST

You are so right that when you become open to this trust then
you do achieve a perfect personal universe regardless of what
is happening externally.

I think the answer to your second question is "conditioning".
That is why we would create the experience in a less trusting
possibly even a suffering way.

I am not even sure it is the experience that is different so much
as the conditioning has a strong influence on our perception
of that experience.

The more I open up to what is already true. The more I realize that
everything is as it should be and my perception of it is what shapes
how I feel. That very perception is what creates the story and our
identification with that story is where we make are everyday decisions
from. Truth or not truth, ask yourself this simple question. Are you happy, Are you free from suffering, Because the bottom line is that you at the very least are co-creating your reality.
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