Subject: RE: Participant
Author: Cindy
Date:   2/1/2006 11:48 pm AHST
Participation is a choice we all have to build upon as individuals. I believe the suffering we impose upon ourselves is when we make the choice to participate in life with our conditioned mind; our ego, not our hearts.
Not listening with our hearts, but allowing our minds, so conditioned by our past, our demons, our fears.....our wounds, consumes our moments with distractions and the truth is buried or lost. The truth and it's brillance become tarnished, sabotaged by our false perceptions and the ego feeds on this.......rewards us with false pride. I read somewhere that when we speak from our egos, we call up the egos in others, so nourishing the win/lose or fail/ succeed patterns our societies flourish on.

Achievement does not come from what we do, but from who we are. Isn't our only 'true' job to tend to our own growth, our grace, our integrity, our humility, our truth? Shouldn't the question be what kind of impact are we having on ourselves and others, not on failing or success? Being present, allowing life to 'just be', is ultimately what we desire. "Presence is key", and if one so chooses not to show up for the moment, for life, it is a hardened spirit they share their moment with....not the truth. Reflect back to the home page of this incredible website and listen to the words with grace..........they speak of "willing to be lost only to be found again".......that is life.........ever changing........ever evolving, but always accepting.
When we feel lost, we are evolving.......expanding.....contributing to this bridge of light.

"Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love". It is with great humility I type these words, for I am allowing my true self to be seen, to be heard, and perhaps be judged by others. But, I am now conscious of this fear and still choose to release my suffering by exposing my true self. I hear my ego speak to me insignificantly; but I remind myself that what I withold from myself, I withold from others. I believe my humility will allow me to shine. My miracle is my love for is growing....evolving....moment by moment.

We all have potential for greatness; to live with grace, with humility, with integrity. You are so "shining" when you say 'it is our choice, always'. The choice to particiapte is the door to the truth, your perception is the key. We all have a significant impact on every life we encounter, but especially ours!

Some miracles reveal their love and strength in words, phrases.......personal reflections......message boards. If we are fortunate enough to cross their paths, appreciation should be shouted for their significance in making choices more simple.....real....true.

Simple words with enormous significance.

Thank you!

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