Subject: RE: Our vantage in detention..
Author: Rafael Giraldo
Date:   7/6/2009 8:18 pm EDT
Dear Rog:

What a wonderful opportunity we have been given. It is refreshing to be able to use personal commitment (on both ends), technology, and the human experience to reach out and share with others. This is the main purpose of this Tour of Discovery. Thank you for your dedication in trying to improve the lives of the adolescents you have under your care. Your occupation is invaluable. What you do improves the world.

Two thoughts come to mind…

1. I want to mail you a free copy of my book, “Blessings Given.” It is a short read to share with your students. They could benefit from the moral of this memoir. Please let know where to mail it to. You can find a copy of the book cover at:

2. I would like to have the opportunity to visit your center, meet you, and speak to your students, in person. Please let me know if this is possible. If it is, I would make arrangements to travel up to your location when I reach Indiana. In all likelihood, renting a car and traveling north for a day or so will be necessary since your location is quite distant from my route.

I am confident that this experience could turn out to be both a teaching and learning moment, for both the speaker and the audience. In other words, your students will not be the only ones doing the learning.

My warm regards to you and your students,

Rafael Giraldo

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