Subject: Ronald Kerrigan
Author: Jack
Date:   2/10/2011 2:51 pm EDT
My son Ronald Kerrigan has been visiting your church frequently to use the telephone. Thank you for allowing him this courtesy, however, my son is suffering from schizophrenia and is in need of medical help. He has been off of his medication for almost 7 months and has wondered all over Westchester County, from Peekskill to White Plains as a homeless person. He will not voluntarily seek help and he desperately needs it. I am an elderly man and cannot make the trip to NY to help him as I live in Georgia. Please, the next time he comes in to use the telephone, please, call the police and have him brought to a mental hospital. He spent many years at the Pilgrim Psychiatric Hospital on Long Island, they will be able to assist the doctors in New Rochelle. Please help my son.

Thank you.


Jack Kerrigan
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Jack 2/10/2011 2:51 pm EDT
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