Subject: We now have Solar Panels and Battery Caps For Sale
Author: HENK
Date:   10/5/2009 10:16 am PDT
To All

Because of high demand we are now selling Solar Panels, Battery's and Misl Solar items..

we will have on Tuesday New KC130TH 130W (7.9amp) 12V panels only on a limited supply only $525.00 each!

Also battery miser caps save up to 90% of your water (the water you loose goes back into the battery, only $4.75 each.

The best battery for the beach or any other remote area are Deka model# 8AGC2 (6V AGM GOLF CART)

We also have cables, connectors, wires, racks, etc..

Just let us know what you need!!!

San Diego Motor Imports

We are a Interstate and Deka battery dealer and a AEE Solar Dealer.....
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 We now have Solar Panels and Battery Caps For Sale  new  
HENK 10/5/2009 10:16 am PDT
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