Subject: CHARM 11 Default Case Files
Author: Mark
Date:   12/23/2008 2:40 pm CDT
When CHARM Version 11+ is installed it comes with files necessary to run a test case. Open the example files (dw1.emg, dw1.grd, and dw1.met) via the File (dw1.emg), Grid (dw1.grd), and MetFile (dw1.met) menu items. A map file ( is also available for display when a footprint is visible. Of course, a Yahoo map can also be downloaded automatically.

Once the files are opened, a plume footprint can be displayed using Displays - Plume and entering a time since release to display. The overpressures footprint from a pressurized container failure can be displayed using Displays - Mechanical Overpressures.
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Mark 12/23/2008 2:40 pm CDT
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