Subject: Your powerful, practical book!!!
Author: Richard Deziel
Date:   7/23/2008 2:21 pm EDT
Wow, what an incredible value you have created.

I lent your book to a work colleague that has two kids.
One is 8 years old and does not like to read at all!!
Of course he's also a poor reader.

After some initial resistance, the mother found her child the next morning sitting in his bed smiling, as he was happily reading the WHOLE book.
The mom is delighted to know that her kid CAN, and likes to read literature that MATTER, and that it is NOT a biological defect in him the fact that he hates to read the vast majority of sfuff for his age group out there!!!

More benevolent power to you Manika!!!

take care, sincerely, Richard Deziel
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Richard Deziel 7/23/2008 2:21 pm EDT
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