Subject: Looking for 2 pair of Show Kings
Author: Ardy Prekker
Date:   8/29/2020 8:01 pm MDT
Dear King Fanciers!

I am looking to purchase 2 pair of Kings. 1 pair of whites the other pair color is not important. I have been raising pigeons for 55 years. Mostly Indian Fantails the last 35 years. I have written a book on Indian Fantail and I am the editor of the MSPA Newsletter. I have received the Outstanding Service Award from the IFCA and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the MSPA. I am looking for a new breed challenge and I intend to show. I am more than willing to send a box and pay the shipping cost. Please advise if you have any birds available as I cannot locate any in the Minnesota area. Thank you for your consideration.
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 Looking for 2 pair of Show Kings  new  
Ardy Prekker 8/29/2020 8:01 pm MDT
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