Subject: Participant
Author: Dante Cernobori
Date:   1/25/2006 12:48 am AHST
The real problem we create for ourselves in life is that we are far
more invested in being winners as opposed to participants.

We have a very dominant view on life as a game of win or lose.
Who is successful and who is not. For this game to work some
people will be on the winning side, Others will be on the losing side.

The illusion of this that creates suffering is in our minds. None of
us are winners or losers. We are all participants in a process that
nobody is escaping. Prolonging at best but not exempt from in
any way what so ever. So desires. Conditioned or soul level do
they matter. Shouldn't there be only one soul desire, To show up
and be fully present and participating in every moment. Isn't that
the ultimate truth. That none of the how's and the why's about it
all make any difference. It is the sole fact that its happening and
we get to be a part of it and that in itself is everything. With this
thought process you can see that story is only something to use
as a reference point but not to invest in it in a way that makes your
decisions automatic but instead more intelligent.

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