Subject: Democan'ts
Author: Taxman
Date:   8/15/2006 9:45 am PDT
Democaníts, yes Democanít that is the new terminology for a party that hasnít had a new idea sense World War II or maybe LBJ and the War on Poverty! The Democaníts canít stop spending either in power or out, and yes I understand you think Republicans are as well, but much of it is because of the course the Democanít put us on years ago! The discretionary spending has gone down to less than 10% of the Budget thanks to years of spending laws put in place by Dems for years. Things you canít touch without changing the law and you canít change it because you canít get 60 yes 60 votes in the Senate. No law can be passed by the Senate unless you can end debate on a bill. Thatís how it works. The Caníts donít want you to go Off-Roading, Drill for Oil, cut down Trees, use the word God, post the Ten Commandments in public, display a Cross or stare of David, seems they donít want to win The War on Terror, and canít get over George Bush being President. They want to practice the Politics of Appeasement with the World and Terrorist, but can only raise taxes on the people in this country that create wealth. Sometimes I think they want us to become a third world country so that we ďarenít better than any one elseĒ. We could be in big trouble if the voters bit on the ďPolitical BullĒ that puts Dems on the same side as our enemies! Just food for thought and I will have more including examples of the above! It comes down to is the Government the solution or the problem? Ask yourself do you want more Government? I want strong defenses and freedom from government interference, regulation, and taxation. As Will Rogers once said, ďBe grateful you donít get as much Government as you pay for!Ē

The Taxman
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