Subject: The Gift of the Magi
Author: Brody Witt
Date:   1/7/2018 6:59 pm 
On January 7, the Church celebrates the feast of the Epiphany. This feast celebrates the journey of the three Magi, who were learned men of the East. These men saw a bright star and decided to leave everything behind to follow where it led.

As we learn in Matthew’s Gospel, the Magi discover that the star leads them to the place of Jesus’s birth. This story of searching, exploration, and discovery can teach us a crucial lesson in our faith. The lesson that the Magi teach us is that we should never be passive in our faith. When the Magi saw the star, they did not sit idly by and observe from afar. Instead, they went out, and their journey was not an easy one.

The same can be said about our faith. When we encounter Christ, our journey to get to Him will not be easy, but that should not deter us from setting out. We as Christians need to be fearless when setting out on our Earthly pilgrimage. When we reach the destination, all the trials and tribulations won’t even cross our minds. As we go out into this new year, let us continue our Journey towards God and avoid being passive in our faith.
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