Subject: Riding partner for western Colorado?
Author: Dennis McKim
Date:   6/25/2009 7:20 am EDT
If your path through western Colorado coincides with some free time that I have next week, and if you desire a riding partner for a day, I would be pleased to meet with you and ride alongside you for a day. I live near Grand Junction, Colorado and it would be an easy matter for me to come down to Montrose and ride with you on your approach to Monarch Pass (if, indeed, that is the route you will take over the Continental Divide).
If you have become accustomed to solo riding, and wish to maintain that style without someone else riding with you, I completely understand, so please do not feel obligated in any way to accept this offer.
I will continue to monitor your progress through your SPOT tracking, and will check back here for an answer from you, as you continue through Utah and into Colorado.
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 Riding partner for western Colorado?  new  
Dennis McKim 6/25/2009 7:20 am EDT
 RE: Riding partner for western Colorado?   new  
Rafael Giraldo 7/5/2009 6:00 pm EDT
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