Subject: Pray for Our Country
Author: Carol Bauer
Date:   8/22/2020 4:36 pm 

Please go to the Lord in prayer for the future of our country, both in the next few months and beyond. Pray that those who seek to tear down and destroy would not be successful.

Ask the Lord to strengthen those who live in American cities being ripped apart by violence. Many have lost businesses and neighborhoods that cannot be rebuilt in the age of Covid-19. Open their eyes to paths they can take that will give them a future. Ask God to prompt them to seek out others in their community of like mind so that together they can be a strong voice to weak-kneed mayors, city councils and governors.

Open the eyes of elected officials to the long-term damage being done to the economic backbone and social fabric of communities by those with an agenda of destruction. Ask our Heavenly Father to protect our law enforcement personnel. Their jobs are nearly impossible in a time when they are being attacked both with words and with dangerous projectiles. Prompt us to appreciate and thank them.

Pray that the wheels of justice for those who have broken the law would move faster. Cleanse our body politic of those who are unelected yet take the law into their own hands by justifying illegal activity and yet seem to pay no price. May the investigations still underway be concluded expeditiously with clarity so that conclusions are clear and understandable.

Remind us of the blessings of our freedoms for which millions have sacrificed their lives. Prompt us to be thankful for our freedom to worship, speak, assemble and vote and not take these for granted. Guide us to find ways in which we can effectively make our voices and views known.

Violence in America's large cities continues and local police forces have their hands tied by mayors and city councils who refuse to let them effectively address the problem. More and more the violence is moving into suburban neighborhoods. With the hands of local police tied, Americans are buying guns at a rapid pace. This is all happening in the midst of what will be a brutal political campaign.

Pray for the safety of all those running for elected office and for those tasked with protecting them. Ask God to open the eyes of all in the law enforcement community to threats against those in the public sphere. Give them quick and effective responses so that the safety of our political season and candidates is ensured.

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