Subject: Global Warming, is man the cause?
Author: taxman
Date:   1/18/2007 6:09 pm PDT
Well time to stir the pot again with the truth. We keep hearing about Global Warming, how we are responsible, how man is the problem; the SUV is the problem, and a host of other disasters that are sure to befall us. First I need to direct my dooms day friends to the section of my profile that says I want to meet people that see the glass as half full, which speaks volumes in its self. I will start hear at Global Warming, every one who snaps back at me says there is a "Mountain of evidence" or "It's conclusive" well the funny thing they never state that evidence! Not one empirical piece is sited. I return cite the fact that the "The earth shifts in its position relative to the sun. Its orbit is eccentric, varying over a period of 97000 years. The inclination of the earth's axis shifts with respect to the ecliptic over a cycle of 41000 years, and the precession of the equinox varies over a period of 21000 years." Quoted from Trashing the Planet and factual without dispute. This along would suggest that there are too many variables to say that a 4 or 5 degree over a hundred years is not normal. We have only been measuring temperature sense the late 1800s and the instrumentation has certainly improved as well as the number of stations where it is recorded. The ice record cannot account for the above shifts and cycles. The reason I know it is not the horrible Green House gas is simple science and the earth's atmosphere the cycle has been working for a billion years the same way and has a very good track record. The amount of CO2, as I have stated numerous times, is .003 or three hundredths of 1% of the formula that gives us our breathing gas. Our air is still the same sense we started testing it for content and that is 20.9% O2, 78.9% Nitrogen the rest is trace elements including CO2 at .003% well sense we have been measuring it has fluctuated from .0031% to 0036% hardly a reason for panic and doom predictions.

The oceans use CO2 with an interaction with plant life or Plankton to create more Algae and Plankton blooms that put of a gas call O2 or oxygen. It is the great balancer in our system; O2 is a toxic byproduct of plant life. The blooms come and the feed fish and create more biomass in the oceans, the more organic marital that is created the high the acid levels of the ocean become. When this occurs the animals and plants die and settle out on the bottom were they could become limestone millions of years later given enough pressure. In a simplified short hand version this is were cement come from and has been going on for a billion years. The oceans capacity to handle CO2 is 800 times greater than present CO2 amounts. I have to mention that reports about the PH level of the oceans could be due to the amount of Biomass that is being removed from the ocean and not replaced. Also see:

I have to mention at this point Volcanoes and Grass fires, yes grass fires four hundred years and earlier burned for months spewing smoke and CO2 into the atmosphere causing cooling that could account for some of the ice record we are trying to interrupt today. Volcanoes such as mount Pinatubo created changes in weather for 10 years and had nothing to do with man. Our contribution is nothing to the impact of these volcanoes and fires that burned in forests and grasslands for months! I am talking about scope and size of our system. If you want to learn more about all of this get Dixie Lee Ray's book Trashing the Planet. It is based in science and not voodoo political speculation that is pushed down our throats in order to control us in our every day lives. If you don't believe this, our me then fine, you might as well kill yourself now because we are a speck when it comes to impact compared to China and India. We are the cleanest most efficient energy effluent country on earth. We need to let science solve our problems and get on board with clean Nuclear energy and move forward without fear that the sky is falling. What we do might be one thing but there is no way to control China we should know that by now.

Global Warming is big business like all of the environmental movement. I get 10 to 15 organizations mailing me once a month asking for MONEY to solve the world's environmental problems. I learned early that you create a problem or exploit one to make it a bigger problem. Then you create a non-profit organization to solve and lobby for your cause all the while paying your expenses from the non-profit and getting a nice big salary! The Marijuana Growers Association is the largest single contributor to Earth First! Why, to keep you out of the forest where they grow their crops! They could careless about the Spotted Owl. Add up all the money given to all the organizations claiming to save the earth and tell me it's not big business! Did you ever wonder how the island of Greenland got its name? They have found grapes vines planted there by the Vikings and we all know grapes need a warm climate to produce. It is the same as Mark Twain telling about Huck Finn stealing Oranges along the Mississippi River in the early 1800s. Where would he get that idea if Oranges didn't grow along the river? Now you can't grow Oranges above Orlando Florida! Explain that one, but I have been told there are mountains of evidence, but there is never any given except the phrase its self. This is an old political and Lawyer trick if you repeat a lie enough some, if not all, will believe it is the truth.

One fact is hard for these people to answer is why hasn't the ocean risen in a hundred years? Thirty years ago Jimmy Carter was saying that islands would be disappearing under the sea and gave US money to the UN to study what to do to save these little island nations from slipping below the sea. Well that set the ball rolling and they all saw we were suckers. 60 Minutes did a special on it in the 70's claiming doom and gloom, but no island nation has slipped below the sea from it raising its elevation. It is the same elevation for the last hundred years.

Organizations like PETA have lied day in and day out to raise money for nothing causes like the Harp Seals. Claming that Hunters are cruel heartless less than human creatures that should be stopped at all costs. Well the whole truth is never told how the Seals are only hunted by permit by Natives who have hunted them for thousands of years as a part of their culture. How they are killed like all meat and fur animals in this country by a blow to the head. How they do this to support their villages through the winter and use the meat to feed their children. How it help a population of over two million not starve to death. They would rather you think it is a sport so that woman can wear fur! All lies designed to raise money for the officers of this NON-PROFIT company!

Along these lines let me say that we have to stop saving the world from us. What I mean is it doesn't do any good to save a Redwood and keep people out of the forest by closing roads and restricting off road use to protect them for whom? A Redwood gets its beauty from man its admirer otherwise it is no different than any living microbe. The elite class of Scientists, rangers, and "special people" and of course the government can enjoy whatever they want. In this case there is no we the people! Public lands for public use, we pay for and should be able to use it and enjoy it in a non-destructive way. But for the Environmental Wacko's man is the enemy and they hate there own race over Mother Earth, their Deity, and center for their religion putting earth first! Well I put people first not dirt, what they don't understand is the only thing constant in the world is change. Seems man has to believe in something and some chose their own gods. I know which one I will pick every time and it wont be Mother Earth because she will let you down every time.

I was asked if I believe in evolution and the answer is yes, but that doesn't exclude God from the scheme of things. But these same people don't want natural selection to work any more. Example the recent Polar Bear being put on the watch list, which is more Wacko bull if the truth were known. It was put there from a court settlement from a non-profit group suing the government for the bear because of fears that its habitat might be dwindling due to Global Warming (here we go Again). Well the truth is the Polar Bear is a modification of a Grizzly Bear that had to adapt in order to survive a period when the earth cooled down. It will adapt or die, that is evolution in a nutshell, and so what is the problem? It seems that there isn't one there are 3 times as many bears today than there was 40 years ago. The population has gone from 8000 to over 25000, but you will never hear that because how can you raise money for something that is not in trouble? You can't and that's where the trouble lies. So what is wrong with evolution now if it has worked so well in the past? For one thing you can't make money on it!

Filmmakers make money telling you that the reefs are dying, scientists make a living studying the death, and on and on down the food chain. Well I have 35 year of being there and I am telling you I would rather tell the truth than lie to you for a dollar. In the worlds past it has been a lot warmer and the reefs have survived to this day and how is that explained well it isn't. You're told that only your donation can put a stop to it. No producer can sell a nature film without drama and the drama is the destruction of the nature by man. It's story writing and you're believing the story. I am pulling the curtain back to show you the wizard so you understand who runs OZ. You're being marketed for many reasons including political.

I am a whistle blower the and to hear liberals should be a hero except I am blowing it on there little scheme to put the US and all the industrialized nations of the world down. It is sad when you can tell the party that a scientist belongs to by there findings. You can be milked and controlled for the sake of the "Children and our Environment" you will sell out you children and grandchildren for those noble causes. My Father used to say to me "Son there will always be and have always been doom Sayers and the earth and man are still here" well he was right the earth is still here and the guy with the sign as well. So like bad weather we have to put up with the morns with the signs.

Now God and Evolution are not exclusive to each other, God made it all including Evolution. But let me say that the best liberals with the Darwin fish on there cars are hypocrites in that if you say something bad about there pet group you get blasted and it seems okay to put Christens down. Can you imagine having a bumper sticker say "Ala is full of @#$&! try it and see the tolerance given to you by the same liberals that display a dead fish!

What I have written hear is factual and truthful to those people whom are open minded enough to take the time to research the facts and open their hearts to the truth. If you are blinded by your religion of worshiping the earth over man then we have no common ground and you will never open your mind to any other religion just like the people you put down. If I am wrong at least I have put my family, friends and people in general first and have done good things in my life, even if I have only forgiven myself because of my beliefs, I have done no harm and taken no ones freedoms or hope for the sake of there religion known as Environmentalism.

It is becoming a new way to increase your taxes as well. The democrats will use the whole situation to tax you with a smile. So stand by for higher gas taxes, oil taxes, coal taxes, and consumption taxes in order to stop global warming and the stupid sheep people will follow right in line think they are doing something to save the planet!

So get off your duffs and see the world for yourself. See how beautiful the reefs are up close and personal. I am not saying that there is no need for good management of regulation, but I am say what my Grandmother used to say "All thing in moderation" but all things. We have a beautiful world and you should see all of its wonders it is the glass half full and Gods creation is to be marveled and enjoyed. We need to be good stewards of our home, but we need to live in it and use it for our comfort and joy it is our right!
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