Subject: Our vantage in detention..
Author: Rog Chapel
Date:   7/6/2009 7:45 am EDT
“We don’t take the trip; the trip takes us!” -- John Steinbeck

Thank you for the video acknowledgement. The clip got a mixed reaction with our residents. First, my guys were stunned that guy on the bike somewhere in Utah on top of a peak was taking to them on YouTube. Half of the students perked up in amazement and the other half raised a brow in wonderment. They were all surprised that you were talking to them, but they did not rebut your admonition and listened intently. My usually technologically savvy group was impressed with the lines of communication that have developed.

As we have been watching your videos and pictorials, we are taken with the sky and the beauty of the clouds. The combination of the landscape and sky produce amazing vistas. One of the residents wondered why you haven’t taken pictures of other things besides rocks and roads. Yet, another student informed the questioning resident that is the only thing to take pictures of since the panorama is so vast. It was pointed out while the landscape seems to stay the same and that there is subtleness in the strata; the rock formations expose the geological evolution of the earth.

You have posted new pictures and video over the 4th of July weekend. My residents will have much to take in and evaluate this morning. This is an amazing effort on your part and a demonstration that nothing takes place without preparation and planning. And, yet, it stresses that in any endeavor that it is necessary to consider modification and changes in the short term in order to achieve the long term goal.

Best regards,
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