Subject: the 1st 82nd History is not accurate
Author: Dennis DuPuis
Date:   2/22/2017 4:23 pm EDT
I did not serve with A/82 in Vietnam but I did fly with the 335th AHC, which evolved from A/82nd in Vietnam)
A Co 82nd Aviation’s company callsign was Cowboys from the beginning, with platoon call signs of Ramrod, Mustang and Falcon. Our maint ship was called horse thief. We also had an attached aviation platoon that was called Casper but never a WOLFPACK callsign. I found that a completely different unit, the 281st Assault Helicopter Company, 3rd Platoon, had Wolfpack as their callsign.

The Wolfpack name and why 1st/82nd got it is not my point. My point is that the 1st/82nd history should be accurate. A Co, 82nd AVN was called the “Cowboys” and never the Wolfpack.

Here is a few interesting sites for reference
A Detail history of A-82 /, 335th AHC History ,,,, google 335th AHC cowboy - lz home or use
• A 335th unit page
• Vietnam Helicopter pilot association site go to unit histories ; and 335th Assualt helicopter 1966 part 1

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Dennis DuPuis 2/22/2017 4:23 pm EDT
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