Subject: Still viewing from detention...
Author: Rog Chapel
Date:   7/18/2009 9:49 am EDT
Greetings Rafael,

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You have been dubbed ‘our friend’; the residents will ask, “Where is our friend today?” To keep your journey with them they have taken to posting your pictures as wallpaper on the computer backgrounds. They then will discuss why the pictures they picked were posted to the backgrounds. One resident picked a picture of a Chrysler 300 traveling towards the mountains; he thought that would represent the scale of the mountains. One female resident picked a picture of a purple and white flower as a background; she was amazed at the vast detail. She also printed the picture to keep with her in her personal folder. I don’t think that the students yet realize that while they have been tracking your route (it has been represented as a line on the map) that the topography of journey is amazing as well as time consuming and depleting.

It has been an emotional week for us in Indiana. Our Director suffered a heart attack while our Assistant Director is on vacation. Three residents in a high profile case, who have been with us since February the 6th, were remanded to the Adult Court. Whatever misjudgments these young men have made it is still difficult to find a complete emotional detachment. Attorneys, Probation Officers, staff and our residents have all been awed by the impact of this decision. So your refreshing mountain views have been medication for our souls

The students and I are aware that you are now near a watershed moment in as you cross the Continental Divide. As with life when the difficult moments and times are passed, then the life journey is temporally on the downgrade and gentler traveling is ahead. I hope that I will be able to put this concept into perspective.

The students are aware that your trek is now on the ‘down-low’. They have enjoyed your visuals and realize that we are viewing your journey as under a strobe light – they have only been able to glimpse at what you have seen.

Greetings and safe travel from the students at Porter County Juvenile Detention,

Best regards,

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