Subject: Searching for sibling born Rhode Island 1958
Author: Cheryl Kinkle
Date:   7/14/2022 3:21 pm CDT
I am searching for my half sibling, born in early 1958, gender unknown, in Rhode Island. My mother was stationed at the naval base in Newport when she became pregnant. She was discharged in August 1957 as a result so the birth would have likely occurred sometime during the first three months of 1958. I have no information about the hospital or adoption agency but am sure it was near Newport because she was still living there when she met my father later the same year.

My mother's name was Emma Lee Wells and she would have been 20 years old. I understand that Rhode Island adoptees can now request copies of their original birth certificates. I'm hoping that my sibling is searching too and will somehow stumble across my information.

I have requested a copy of my mother's service records and plan to have a DNA test run as soon as I can. Any other suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.
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Cheryl Kinkle 7/14/2022 3:21 pm CDT
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