Subject: My older brother
Author: Kaylee
Date:   7/28/2022 7:01 pm CDT
Hello, My name is Kaylee Aimoto. I am searching for my older brother, They were adopted through the LDS family services and I need to know how to contact them. Their biological mother is named Mardi or Marti. With an unknown last name. The biological father Is Jason Bryce Animoto. I was told about my older brother today and I would love to meet him, I am facing a difficult time in my life where I am missing a male figure to look up to, Knowing I have an older brother gives me hope that I might be able to find just that. If you find anything at all please contact me at 360-878-0481. Thank you so so much and I hope we can find him. - Kaylee the hopeful second oldest.
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Kaylee 7/28/2022 7:01 pm CDT
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