Subject: Minnie Pearl Perry
Author: Becky Hartley
Date:   12/28/2022 2:19 pm CDT
I am looking for any information on a possible adoption or not adopted of a baby girl that was 6 weeks old when she placed in an orphanage in Nashville, TN by a Dr Charles Biehl.
The baby was named Minnie Pearl Perry and she was placed there when she was 6 weeks old.
She was never intended to be put up for adoption only placed there till her father came to get her.
The year 1913, and Minnie was born 21 Mar 1913.
Her mother died when she was 5 days old, her mother was Minnie Arms Perry and her father was William Lewis Perry. She had two brothers and one sister who had been looking for her a long time. They are all deceased and she would be my grand aunt and would like to know what happened to her.
Again I do not know which orphanage, but we had always heard that it burned. Also in a newspaper article it was mentioned that a lady named , Mrs Robie took Minnie and she went back to Jacksonville, Florida.
That is all I know and thank you
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