Subject: Searching for half sibling
Author: Barbara Ann Smith
Date:   1/20/2023 1:50 am CDT
I'm the daughter of Robert Norman Smith (b. 1923), who got Theresa F (Flo) Brown (b. 1934 in Covelo, CA; father Harry, mother Daisy) pregnant in 1952 in Biggs, California - she left Biggs for Willits California right after graduating (1952) and I'm trying to find out if she had the baby and, if so, what gender, was he/she given up for adoption, etc. This would have been late 1952 or the first months of 1953. This child would be my half-sibling so I am hoping to find him/her. Both my parents died before I found out about this and none of my other relatives recall anything other than it was a big scandal at the time.

Hoping someone might be able to figure this out. California adoption records aren't easy to research. I know a lot about Theresa - her family in Biggs and her subsequent marriage to "Max Gregory", two daughters Shawna and Kelly, and that she died in 1983. But the time between her graduation from HS in 1952 and the birth of her baby in 1953 is a big blank. I was born in 1952 so this sibling and I would be just a few months apart in age.

Relatives haven't been much help. So, here I am, hoping someone with more experience than I might be able to find out something for me. Many thanks!!!
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Barbara Ann Smith 1/20/2023 1:50 am CDT
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