Subject: JULY 29, 1965 HACKENSACK
Author: JOHN D
Date:   1/22/2023 2:52 pm CDT
Searching for birth parents. I was born at Hackensack hospital on July 29, 1965 with the name Robert. If anyone has any info please respond. I just want to say "Thank you". I am sure it was hard to do but I had a great childhood. Both of my adoptive parents have passed away. I am curious if I have any siblings also.
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 JULY 29, 1965 HACKENSACK  new  
JOHN D 1/22/2023 2:52 pm CDT
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Stu 1/23/2023 9:20 am CDT
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Lisa Hart 3/31/2023 4:02 am CDT
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Maurine Kennedy 1/31/2023 6:44 am CDT
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