Subject: Cue Styling
Author: Kevin
Date:   8/3/2013 4:05 pm 
My observations so far:
I think there will continue to be "possibilities" with the styling and that each new version introduces some benefits/trade-offs.
1. Visual Recognition: How efficient is processing at "picking up" this style.**
2. Distinction: How well I'm I able to "pull apart" as separate (differentiate)
3. Flow: How much does each possible combination of styling "play well together"
4. Reference and Support: How well does the styling make sense to (me) reader...(analogous)
5. Confusion: Is the confusion "self-evident" in a conscious and/or automatic way.
6. Exercising/Training: What in particular is each style of cue teaching? (symbol learning vs other variables)
7. Training Wheels: How challenging is the "easing-out" period with cues reduced/turned off.

** (Consider the affect on different fonts/different media delivery)
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