Subject: Still Here and Still ANGRY
Author: Don Stormer
Date:   10/1/2011 10:45 am EDT
Some of you know me and some of you don't. Those who do, know that as an "outsider" to Berks county, I have in the past been very vocal about the current DA. As I read the Eagle daily online, I see that Mr. Adams is running unopposed this election. This disheartens me. As all that I can go on is my contacts with Mr. Adams, it is my belief that the people of Berks deserve better. The State of PA calls us "survivors of homicide", but I submit that we ARE VICTIMS also. Not only do we have to deal with the loss of a loved one, but economic hardships and having to deal with an office whose leader(?) does not seem to care about the "survivors". I know that the job is tough, and I also know that there are people in that office that care. Their hands are tied by policies which come down from the top.

I weep for the friends I have made and the people of Berks!!!!!
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 Still Here and Still ANGRY    
Don Stormer 10/1/2011 10:45 am EDT
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Brenda 1/23/2012 8:24 pm EDT
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