Subject: RE: Still Here and Still ANGRY
Author: Brenda
Date:   1/23/2012 8:24 pm EDT
Don and Donna,
I think of you both often. I don't know who or how our judical system got so off balanced - everything is about the criminal and the victims seem to be forgotten.
I use to hear all the time how public officials wanted people to get involved. I became very involved and the door has been slammed more than once. But that's ok... the people that are slamming doors haven't walked in my or your footsteps and I pray they never will. This isn't a hobby or something I would want to do, same as I am sure you would much rather have Shawnee back - the more I learn, the worse it seems... There has to be someone in authority who cares enough to listen and fix some of the revictimizing that goes on once your faced with a trauma. We can only hope that person exists. You both remain in my thoughts and prayers~
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