Subject: Sad
Author: Brooke Matthews
Date:   5/1/2012 10:44 am EDT
I'm Brooke

Some of you might know me and know my story, but those who don't, I am just like you all. My 31 year old baby brother, Timothy Reber, was shot 6 to 7 times, outside his girlfriends house, over a disagreement they had over a song, on Feb. 10TH, 12, six months to our mother's death. There were 9 empty shell casings in and around the murder seen. The last time I seen and spent time with my brother, was two weeks prior, him, I, our other sister's and friends went out that night, and that was the last memory and pictures I took of him. He was so happy and had the biggest smile on his that I've ever seen, it was the last big hug from behind I got from him, and that is all I have of him, because someone looked him in the eyes, and told him when his life was over, he never stood a chance. The guy who shot him, might think he came out being the hero, but it was and is, my brother that is the hero.
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Brooke Matthews 5/1/2012 10:44 am EDT
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