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Author:  friend
Date:   10/22/2008 3:56 pm EDT
There are two methods that I have seen that have worked. One is to place the demand ( for instance: eat this...a food that the child wouldn't normally eat. Or you could say to take a no thank you bite). Have a very high reinforcer near by so that the child can see what they are earning for trying the food. Once the child takes a bite and swallows it they are immediatly reinforced. This method has had success in the past, however it can be a long and difficult process ( crying and aggresion tend to happen). If you can follow through with the program it will work.
A second method that I have seen work is to start with a food that the child likes... lets say pizza. So instead of a regular slice of pizza get a ziti pizza. This way the food is still familiar but it incororates a new food as well. Once the child is eating the pizza on a regular basis start to scrape some pieces of pasta off onto the plate and have them just eat those pieces. Over time I have seen children who only ate pizza move to pasta and from pasta they started to like potatoes... then added some vegatables to the potatoes and a while later they were eating broccoli.
I hope this has given you some ideas.
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