Subject: searching for son, bornOctober 1970, Seattle, Was
Author: Debra Kuhlman
Date:   9/10/2020 1:43 am CDT
Debra Kay Kuhlman (my mom) would love to meet the son she gave up for adoption. He was born in October of 1970 in Seattle, Washington at either Ballard Hospital or Northwest Hospital. She is 65 years old and has talked about her baby boy my entire life. She was young when she had him and her parents were divorced and moving away. She has cried many tears over the void she has endured and would love nothing more than to meet him. If you have any information as to how I can reunite her with the son she never got to meet please contact me at:
406.855.9979 cell

Thank you,
Jessica Erickson
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 searching for son, bornOctober 1970, Seattle, Was    
Debra Kuhlman 9/10/2020 1:43 am CDT
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