Subject: need novel info DC3 set 1943
Author: Franci McMahon
Date:   1/28/2012 12:02 am PDT
Hello DC3 experts. Wonder if you can help me verify information for my novel set in 1943.
This involves a Miss American from Chicago, who flies to Edmonton, Alberta (where she boards the plane and story starts)on her way to entertain the troops in Alaska in June. I've considered this a mixed cargo, non-military transport hauling mail, medical supplies, and K and C rations. All the seats but four have been removed. Two passengers; Miss America and a Canadian Mountie and his horse, for which a stall has been built- in. They will refuel and let the mountie off at Fort Nelson to patrol the building of the Al-Can Highway. Fog causes the plane to get lost, running out of fuel and crash on a northern Alberta lake. Young woman is in the head being sick when it crashes, she and the horse only survivors. The tail of the plane breaks off in shallow water, the the front noses into the shore.

I've been told it must be a C-47, but would prefer the DC3 Gooney Bird. How does this sound? Feasible?
I would appreciate some accurate feedback to the story line. Thanks,
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