Subject: RE: My First Show 11.18.95
Author: Katie
Date:   1/7/2009 0:16 am EDT
I was in the tenth grade and was about two weeks after i turned 15. It was late October 1995 (10/27/95)and had not been planning on going to see Phish that week, although i was dying to go. Fortunately for me, the varsity soccer team won semi-state and had to go to indy for the state finals a few of the guys had tickets to go to Kalamazoo. Voila, i had my first ticket in-hand.
It was a cold and rainy day in late october but the sun came out of and on. We arrived to the lot early and were able to spend a few hours enjoying the scene. That was my first balloon and definately not my last. The show was GA and we made it to the floor, about a third of the way back. I still couldnt see anything, im only 5'2" and there is always a 6'4" guy in front of me, every show. I smoked good pot for the first time and almost passed out so we went in search of seats (i could finally see the stage then) , but met some guy we knew who was freaking out so hard screaming that he wasnt gay and i think dave letterman was out to get him. I was never into acid after that. The show was amazing, and the 2001 was insane. I remember being like "why is there a chessboard on the stage?" It was one of the greatest nights that i ever had. 70 shows later, i was at coventry. Thank you elkhart central soccer team '95! You may have lost the state finals, but i won the last 14 years of Phish!!! What a great tour for so many of us to have had "our first time" I am so thankful they are back. I cant wait for hampton!!!
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