Subject: A great accomplishment
Author: Pete Ensing
Date:   8/28/2009 0:39 am EDT
Best site I have seen yet , Very proud there are Americans like you.Would like to invite you to join Jodies Lazy Boys the first weekend in Oct to ride the MS ride from St Agustine to Daytona Beach . Jodie will ride a few legs on her Electric Villager Catrike that we have designed for her. She has M.S. ans lives with her husband Jimmy and ,2 childrin Casey and Michael. We should have a good showing and hope to raise a lot of money for the M.S society

Keep up the good work , We need more teachers like you.

Pete Ensing
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 A great accomplishment    
Pete Ensing 8/28/2009 0:39 am EDT
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margaret giraldo 9/4/2009 6:50 pm EDT
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