Subject: The DOW is falling
Author: Pamela Heckel
Date:   12/23/2018 1:35 pm 
The DOW is in the midst of a sell-off, so cash is king right now. This sell-off is expected to last through 2019, according to some analysts. Most of them point at the Federal Reserve's policies. I however believe that Christians are finally pushing back against the Globalists. Almost every Large Cap, Small Cap, and Mid Cap fund contains some stock belonging to Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet/Google, or Twitter. These corporations are trying to silence Christians and Jews. If history repeats itself, they will go after Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims eventually. The Globalists are in alignment with the totalitarian regimes everywhere. They want to replace God with the Government.

What can you do? For now, I am getting my 401K out of Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Small Cap funds. The Federal Reserve purchased billions of bonds during the 2008 Recession. These are maturing and Congress is racking up debt, which has some effect on bond prices, but I am not a financial analyst so I do not understand that situation and cannot advise you. A CD has a guaranteed return and might be a nice place to wait out the sell-off, but it isn't one of the options for my 401K account. My funds are sitting in a moneymarket account. I am looking at investments that focus on non-technology stocks, such as food, natural resources, infrastructure, energy, or utilities. I am also avoiding investments in real estate, financials, healthcare and education because they tend to align with the Globalists and I think there's a "bubble" of debt.

You do what you want. I am praying for direction and right now I feel directed to protect my retirement funds from this sell-off. Please share your perspective by replying to this post. Maybe we can help each other.
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 The DOW is falling    
Pamela Heckel 12/23/2018 1:35 pm 
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