Subject: Prayer Request
Author: PamelaHeckel
Date:   11/12/2021 7:00 pm 
I pray that God rebukes and restrains those who seek to impose a totalitarian government on the United States of America, a Republic. I pray for the release of political prisoners held in DC. I pray that our youth return to the Church. I pray for an increase in religious vocations to the priesthood and deaconate and religious life. I pray for an increase in holy, loving families with faithful husbands and wives. I pray for an end to the vaccine mandates worldwide and for the restoration of religious liberty. I pray for divine justice for those evil persons who develop, patent, own, or distribute bioweapons, including the mRNA vaccines and genetically-engineered viruses. I ask all these things in the holy name of Jesus and ask that Mary, the Mother of God, presents my petitions to God Most High.
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 Prayer Request    
PamelaHeckel 11/12/2021 7:00 pm 
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