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 Subject: RE: Dorpat
Author: Roseanne Kegler's Adams
Date:   4/16/2015 1:19 pm EDT
I have a good deal of information. My Grandmather was also the daughter of J.C. & Augusta Dorpat, & she gave me a variety of pictures & information. I believe you must be my children's generation. Your Grandfather, Mike Kruck, was known to me. As a toddler, he sent me a pair of boots from Brazil, where I believe he was stationed in the military. They are bronzed & in my position to this day. He & Dee last visited me in Hilton Head, SC, where I still live. This must have been the early 90's
I will send you what info I have.

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Michael Kruck 4/11/2014 11:00 pm EDT
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Roseanne Kegler's Adams 4/16/2015 1:19 pm EDT
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