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 Subject: Elizabeth Rutherford
Author: Cathy Swanson
Date:   11/8/2011 1:30 am EDT
My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Rutherford. Without calling my mom, this is what I remember. She was born in Australia, likely related to the "Cobb and Co" James Rutherford. Her parents died in Japan -- in an epidemic. At which time she came to San Francisco, and I believe was placed in a convent. Her first son was likely fathered by her uncle, George Rutherford, and she named him George Rutherford as well. Then she married Arthur Saxon Thorne, and eventually had my great-grandmother, Inez Thorn(e).
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 Elizabeth Rutherford    
Cathy Swanson 11/8/2011 1:30 am EDT
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