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 Subject: Severe heel and arch pain
Author: Sunshine
Date:   2/16/2010 1:40 pm PDT

Glad i found this. I have a question. I have had severe heel and arch pain for the last two years. it started out small at first then just got worse. the pain is mostly when i walk. i have not been able to exercize or even walk the dogs in over a year and a half, as a result i have gained over 50 pounds which just makes the pain worse. my husband got laid off a few years ago so we lost our health insurance. he found another job immediately but it only pays a third of what he made before and no health insurance. he has VA so we do not worry about him. my job does not provide health insurance. i am still relatively young but this has been a problem. i have tried everything to stop the pain and am now trying mind over matter techniques. i have not seen a doctor because i am afraid the cure will be something we can't afford at all like surgery or expensive medications or treatments. i was wondering if there was someone who is familiar with foot pain in the heel and arch who could give me an at home remedy or maybe could give us an idea of how much a podiatrist and treatment of this type will cost. we would really really appreciate it.

Sunshine Erickson
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