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 Subject: Sudden pain
Author: Andre Marquis
Date:   12/14/2010 9:41 pm PDT

Since some years, I often have a sudden severe pain in one of my two feet (more often the right). This pain isn't located always in the same place, but always in the area of the metatarsal bones.

When the pain is present, one of my toe is crooked. I have to put off my show, and to slowly move my toes and the pain quickly completely disappears and I feel perfectly right the rest of the day, and my toe is back in his normal position.

The pain always appears after I put much pressure not equally on all my foot (for example, if only the right side of the foot touches the ground). It never appears when I walk normally or don't move. If I do a sport, I would constantly have this pain.

I have had an X-ray that was normal (no fracture or anything). A doctor suggested me to buy feet orthotics to put in my shoes because my feet are very sightly high-arched, but I wanted to have a second opinion before giving 300$ for that.

I'm a man of 33 years old. I'm thin. I haven't any problem before 2006, even if I was doing a lot of sports.

Thank you
Andre Marquis
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 Sudden pain    
Andre Marquis 12/14/2010 9:41 pm PDT
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