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 Subject: RE: Blisters on Feet
Author: Amanda House
Date:   1/27/2011 12:27 am PDT

Blisters on feet are very common, we all know that blisters are usually caused by intense and constant rubbing or friction. With blisters on the feet it is usually caused by uncomfortable shoes, mainly heels. There are so many kinds of shoes that aren't good for our feet but we buy them anyway and wear them around testing out far our feet can go! My private company, Heaven4Toes, provide with a very efficient product that really helps and really works. They are customized insoles for your feet, we have a product for every part of your foot to reduce and eliminate rubbing so you will no longer have blisters and all around more comfortable for your feet! Check out the website, not only do these products actually work, they are very inexpensive as well, $10.00 for almost all the products.

-Amanda House
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Amanda House 1/27/2011 12:27 am PDT
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