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 Subject: RE: Womens Footwear issues
Author: Amanda House
Date:   1/27/2011 12:35 am PDT

My name is Amanda and I'm from South East Michigan. I have plenty of trouble finding shoes! I think every woman does! Shoes are made for looks for women, not for practicality or comfort, unfortunately. Men get all the glory! Not to mention I wear a size 10, which is above average and most stores around here only carry up to size 9 - 91/2. Heels have always been a big one for me, I am always in heels no matter what because I love the way they look. I used to always have major foot pain and never really found anything that worked. Fortunately I started working for a company called Heaven4Toes, a private company that sells customized insoles for your feet. These products actually really work and eliminate almost all pain. I can now go in my heels all day instead of only half the day. I was fortunate enough to start working for this company because I've been looking for something like them FOREVER! Check out the website, the cost of these products are really nice on your wallet too =)

-Amanda House
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