Subject: The best cars for the technologically challenged
Author: wendywilson
Date:   3/18/2015 3:49 am EDT
Chances are, you know at least a few people who are technophobes. Perhaps you are one yourself. Itís not that they hate all things new, they just prefer things that are simple. Theyíre the people who, if they have a cell phone at all, own a very simple and inexpensive flip phone. They prefer good olí fashioned cameras that take film over newer, digital ones.
For these people, the increasing amount of technology being crammed into vehicles can be quite frustrating. All they want is a car that doesnít talk to them, display their current location via satellite, and look like the cockpit of an airplane.

One solution is to keep buying older and older cars until the simpler cars of an earlier generation are extinct. Another more reasonable solution is to consider one of the following eight cars. None of them are Bluetooth compatible. They donít have cameras to show whatís behind your car or fancy navigations systems. The ignition requires an actual key and there are no adaptive cruise control or accident avoidance systems that will take control of your car. In short, these eight cars are a technophobeís dream.

1. Hyundai Accent GS hatchback. The Accent is small but surprisingly fast. At $16,000, itís a reasonable car unless youíre really in need of something bigger.

2. Kia Rio LX hatchback. Like the Accent, the Kia Rio is a subcompact car that has few bells and whistles in the base model. It might be tricky to find ones that havenít been loaded up with gadgets, however.

3. Mazda 3 iSV. Compared to other cars on this list, this oneís a little sportier. Itís got great handling and more kick under the hood. Itís a good balance of performance, value, and practicality.

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport. With only two seats and virtually no trunk, itís not the ideal car for families or longer road trips. However itís very simple and ideal for pleasurable Sunday drives.

5. Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Perhaps the cheapest way to own an electric car without settling for a golf cart. The most advanced feature in this car is the heated seats.

6. Nissan NV Passenger Van. The ideal choice for larger families and longer road trips. This van is about as simple as it gets, if you can call having 11 passengers along for a road trip ďsimple.Ē

7. Nissan Titan S King Cab. The only pickup on this list, the Nissan Titan S King cab has remained relatively unchanged since its debut in 2004.

8. Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe. These cars are extremely popular in Europe but havenít caught on in America yet. You should know that this car might change lanes on its own when thereís a strong wind or a passing Semi.

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