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 Subject: RE: Embryo Freezing (Unacceptable)
Author: anonymous
Date:   2/21/2012 10:48 pm EDT
I agree with you 100%. I think a better approach needs to happen.

I had a horrible day yesterday and today after being told by the nurse, not even my Dr., who's on vacation, that not only were my levels very low and I'm likely not pregnant but also that 3 embryos I thought would be frozen well over a week ago, never were. Have to see what next step is now, potentially IVF cycle #2. Found out my insurance covers 4 max. Very worried...what if none work? It's a huge physical, financial and emotional investment and def. takes a toll.

Think it'd be wise to give 'bad news' up front, feels really unsincere when you get slammed twice in one day like that.
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