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 Subject: Patient Experiences: Decapeptyl For IVF
Author: Ivfprescriptions
Date:   2/4/2016 3:58 am EDT
Decapeptyl is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist. As a fertility medication, Decapeptyl 0.1 mg IVF helps stop the body’s natural hormone production by reducing luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Decapeptyl 3.75 mg injection is often used to prevent ovulation until the optimum time in a patent’s IVF cycle.

Patient Experiences

Baby and Bump

Patient 1: This expectant mother took Decapeptyl injections for 3 weeks. She ended up canceling her frozen embryo cycle and was waiting for her period to come back. Her period never came, which she heard could happen with Decapeptyl. But after 2 progesterone shots, 2 blood tests and 30 days of waiting, she found out she was pregnant.


Patient 2: This woman is taking Decapeptyl as part of her treatment for endometriosis. Her doctor says that she and her partner could likely try IVF the following year. She was dreading the injections initially, but the only symptoms she’s experienced are occasional hot flashes. She’s bee on the IVF medication for 2 months.

Patient 3: After being diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, this 32 year old woman was prescribed Menopur and Decapeptyl for her IVF. She got pregnant on her second try with the protocol. They implanted 3 fertilized eggs, and she doesn’t know yet how many babies she’s having yet.

Patient 4: This patient took Decapeptyl for treatment of endometriosis. She said her ‘induced menopause’ went alright, but was annoyed with the common symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. Her doctor has given her the go-ahead to start IVF.

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