Subject: Extensions
Author: Taxman
Date:   4/5/2006 11:02 am PDT
Extions this year are for 6 months until October 15th 2006. The extensions are for time to file, not for time to pay, in order to get the extension without penilty you have to pay 90% of what you owe! So to get the AUTOMATIC extension you need only pay what you think you owe by April 17th 2006 and the extension is granted! If you want you can go to and down load an extension form or simply put the words "extension for 2005" on your check along with your SS# and you will qualify for the extension. Paying something is better than not paying at all and hoping you don't owe! So send something even if you think you might not owe, this way you have established your right to one!

for further questions please email or call 951-849-9112

The Taxman
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