Subject: Paranoid after the leiby kletzky tragedy
Author: Paranoid
Date:   7/25/2011 1:34 am EDT
Hi Yehuda.

I've always been paranoid about certain things, such as thinking there's a thief in my house. But I've been able to live with it by telling myself that a little noise at 3 am was just the wind howling outside, or something like that.

After the leiby kletzky tragedy, I've become paranoid to a different degree. I imagine Levi Aron under my bed, ready to snatch me. I know he's not there. My husband has been trying to tell me that he's under tight security, and anyway no one can fit under the bed, but no amount of sense is going to do it for me. At night, I quickly jump onto my bed so that the guy underneath it can't get me, though in reality I know there's no one there. It affects me so much so, that I find my heart racing just thinking about getting out of bed. I think he's going to reach out his hand and...

I'm not psychotic. Really. This is the only thing I find myself imagining for the bad. But I have to live life normally. Any way you can tell me how to get over it? Thanks so much!
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 Paranoid after the leiby kletzky tragedy    
Paranoid 7/25/2011 1:34 am EDT
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Yehuda 7/25/2011 8:45 am EDT
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