Subject: RE: anxiety
Author: Yehuda
Date:   7/30/2007 11:30 pm EDT
The question is whether the anxiety is clearly connected to the problem at hand or if you have general anxiety that simply increases when there are specific issues with which you are dealing. If the former is true, you have to ask yourself if the anxiety matches the problem (i.e. a little anxiety for a small problem and high anxiety for a major issue). This may be normal. If it does not match (or to decrease anxiety when it does) one technique is to ask yourself what the absolute worst-case scenario is and consciously work through the process through which this may come about. Then think about the likelihood of this, or other results, occurring. This can help reduce anxiety. There are many other techniques that a good therapist can taailor to your individual situation. If you have general anxiety that affects you in a significant way, your best bet is to seek professional help to figure out how best to deal with it (medication, and/or various therapies).
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