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 Subject: RE: Dick Brewer Pipeline #8797
Author: Tom
Date:   3/24/2016 6:18 am PDT
Hi Craig,

The Pipeliner was designed by Dick Brewer, with the first boards coming out in January 1967. All of the Pipeliners have a thin redwood stringer in the center and offset t-bands to either side, made of redwood and balsa or redwood and colored foam. There were four Pipeline models. Most of them were shaped by Bing's lead shaper, Dan Bendiksen. If you can send some photos to my email address and tell me the serial number, I can tell you a lot more about your board.

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Craig Stout 3/12/2016 12:29 am PDT
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Tom 3/24/2016 6:18 am PDT
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Tom 3/24/2016 6:23 am PDT
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