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 Subject: RE: Pintail lightweight information
Author: Tom
Date:   3/24/2016 6:51 am PDT
Hi Jeffrey,

The serial number is actually 9678. I've seen this board twice before from previous owners. One of my favorite color combinations for this model - red tint bottom layup with a black pin line on the deck lap, with red and black colored foam stringer wedges. Beautiful when fresh and new. Based on the dings on your board, much of the damage is due to neglect and poor storage practices over the years. You should take it to a guy who knows how to do professional grade repairs/restorations and have him fix all the dings (color match and paint in the stringers where missing in the nose and tail tips).

Your board was ordered on 3/31/68 by Ron Jon Surf Shop in Shipbottom, NJ. I'll pull your email address off of your message and ask Bing to send you its birth certificate.

Please post photos of your board (before and after you have it repaired photos) on our Classic Bing Surfboards Facebook page. Thanks.

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