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 Subject: RE: Bing Longboard #4182
Author: Tom
Date:   12/7/2017 3:01 am PDT
Hi Paul,

It's a custom order for Ron, whoever he is. This board was made in early 1998, I think. I have seen one other custom Bing made by Dan during this time frame, #4164 (a balsa noserider), which was made in 12/97. Dan was also shaping Bing and David Nuuhiwa's limited-edition nose riders, lightweights and pipeliners at this time. The numbering system used for this board was Dan's, as it doesn't correspond with the numbers from either the limited-edition boards or the Bings that Mike Eaton was making during the same timeframe.

It's not worth much because of the amount of damage. About $100, maybe. But, you should get it professionally repaired, especially the break in the middle, so it doesn't end up in two pieces the next time you or someone else surfs it. It will be considered rare someday and worth more, especially if you get it repaired. Dan passed away not too long after making this board. So, it is probably one of the last Bings he made.

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